Read My Song Read My Soul is founded by Awen Finn. I am a music lover who makes art for music lovers. I’m also a spiritual lover and make art and meditations for spiritual lovers too. I’m inspired by provocative language, music and soul connection and use favorite passages from my books as a springboard for original designs, all of which are available as instant digital downloads. You can also purchase signed copies of my books and meditations.

I'm the author of ‘Read my Song, Read my Heart, Read my Soul,’ ‘Soul Music’ and ‘How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good’

In the age of infotainment and over stimulation, slow thought has become a luxury. I hope my work inspires you to savor words, music, art, meditation and big ideas.

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My work has been featured by bodymindsoul Magazine – 12 Easy Ways to Live a More Joy Filled Life, Voice of America ‘Powerful Conversations,” Jewell On Sports Radio Show, Surrey Rock Show, Author in Spotlight, California Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review, The Glass House Girls, The Lee Vincent Daily, business basecamp - "The road to success”